6 ways for sales managers to achieve a challenging team sales budget

by Simon Thiessen on 06-Oct-2015 10:30:00

The unrelenting pressure of ever increasing sales budgets


For many sales managers it doesn’t seem to matter what else you achieve during the...

Standout in sales - 7 sales skills that actually make a difference

by Simon Thiessen on 09-Sep-2015 10:00:00

Want to be a good salesperson? Spit those marbles out and stop talking!

How many times have you met someone who says they went into sales...

Sales performance training – do your people prepare like the best?

by Simon Thiessen on 11-Jun-2014 12:10:00

The performance preparation ratio

Are you a sports fan? Do you look forward to watching your team play each week – to marvel at their skills or...

A six pack of strategies for recruiting effective sales people

by Simon Thiessen on 02-Jun-2014 12:51:00

Are you competing for the wrong people?

Finding good sales people today is tougher than ever – so why make it harder than it needs to be? The six...

5 proven tips - how to motivate sales people rather than sales teams

by Simon Thiessen on 27-May-2014 09:04:00

Motivating sales people shouldn't be hard - but it is!

Keeping a sales team motivated should be easy. Most sales people are goal focused and many...

Achieving sales efficiency with your underperformers

by Simon Thiessen on 22-May-2014 17:24:00

Why can't the bottom 50% be more like the top 50%?

Have you noticed that some sales people just get stuck in and make a success of a sales career...

The sales habit of champions: Lead with Need

by Simon Thiessen on 09-May-2014 12:53:00

The story continues .......

In our previous sales article, we followed the story of a sales person as they prepared for and arrived at a sales...