Emotional intelligence in leadership - you wont make it without it

by Simon Thiessen on 18-May-2020 09:00:00

Leadership is all about other people. The irony is, it starts with you. 

During the current Covid-19 climate, emotions are more escalated now than...

How to work effectively under pressure

by Simon Thiessen on 06-Apr-2020 10:00:00

Do you have the essential leadership quality to cope with workplace stress and pressure?

Today's leaders are consistently subjected to increasing...

Top tip to be successful in your time management training (Video)

by Simon Thiessen on 25-Feb-2016 10:53:10

Take a holiday. It’s a really good time management strategy

I’m going to share with you one of my favorite time management techniques and one...

workplace discrimination: know your rights and the rights of others

by Simon Thiessen on 14-Feb-2016 15:43:12

Is there a Chris Gayle in your office?

We posted this last week on Facebook and the response was great. In case you missed it, we wanted to share...

The single biggest factor in achieving personal work goals

by Simon Thiessen on 21-Jan-2016 09:00:00

Will you do whatever it takes – or are you kidding yourself?

In my work, I talk to a lot of people about the personal work goals they have set for...

Not achieving your personal or life goals? : the Life of Same

by Simon Thiessen on 11-Jan-2016 09:00:00

We all want something more or different

Just about everyone has something they are aiming for, something they are striving towards, some personal...

Life and Balance: 3 simple steps to make it less myth and more fact

by Simon Thiessen on 07-Jan-2016 09:00:00

The pot of gold at the end of a rainbow

If life balance is important to you, there are probably times when you become frustrated about never...

Want our office politics advice? Never wrestle with pigs!

by Simon Thiessen on 02-Dec-2015 20:01:52

Can office politics really hurt?

Lies. Out of control egos. Personal and vicious attacks on colleagues. Lack of loyalty. Lots of effort wasted by...

4 questions that develop emotional intelligence in the workplace

by Simon Thiessen on 13-Nov-2015 10:27:58

What does emotional intelligence actually look like? 

In a previous article we focused on emotional intelligence in leadership. This article will...

Instant gratification may stop you turning goals into results

by Simon Thiessen on 31-Mar-2015 10:00:00

But it feels so good!

In my last post on the topic of turning goals into results, we looked at the role of two competing forces – pleasure and pain