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Not achieving your personal or life goals? : the Life of Same

Posted by Simon Thiessen on 11-Jan-2016 09:00:00
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We all want something more or different

Just about everyone has something they are aiming for, something they are striving towards, some personal growth they want to achieve. It doesn't mean they aren't happy with their life now (although they may be unhappy). It's just that they have this dream or idea about where they want to go - what their life will be like in the future.

Of course, this is a good thing - if someone decides that they will always be what they are today, life will soon get pretty dull!

The problem is that 'The Life of Same' gets in the way. 

The Life of Same

Same gets up each morning - at about the same time.

They eat and drink about the same thing for breakfast and go through the same morning routine. At about the same time, they leave home using the same method of transport and go to work along the same route. 

When they get to work (at the same workplace), they have about the same conversations and go through the same routines while doing about the same tasks in about the same way. During the day they take morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea at about the same time, with about the same people and consume about the same things.

At about the same time they leave work, travel home the same way along the same route and get home at about the same time.

That evening, they have about the same food at about the same time, watch the same shows on television, have about the same conversations with the same people and then go to bed at the same time.

The next day, they get up and do it all again.

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So what's the problem?

Assuming that this person is happy with their life, this doesn't sound like much of a problem. Except that:

  • Most people have something they want in their future - and if that isn't part of their present, the only way they will get it is through change.
  • Life doesn't sit passively by and allow us to never change - we don't live in a vacuum. Everything around us changes whether we want it to or not

The problem with the 'Life of Same' is that there is no potential for change and growth.

How to work towards your personal goals

Are you living the Life of Same? It may not look exactly the same (OK that was lame) as the story told here but are you living a version of it? If you, the great thing about so much 'same' is there are so many tweaks you can make. What if you injected a few small 'differents' just because you can?

  • Go to work a different way every now and then
  • Hang out with different people at work occasionally
  • Break the evening pattern a few times a week
  • Or any of other countless tweaks you could make - just because you can and because it creates the potential for something new and therefore for change and growth

What if you put the occasional big 'different' in there as well?

Take a look at our free My Life Planner to help you identify what is important in your life - and what you want to do about it

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photo credit: Louish Pixel via photopin cc

Editor's note: This blog was originally published on September 2014 and has been revamped and updated for comprehensiveness and better readability. 

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