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If you don’t know what is causing underperformance, you can’t fix it

Posted by Simon Thiessen on 06-Apr-2016 10:00:00

4 ways Gap Analysis can accelerate your performance management


Many managers ask what they should do about their underperformance.

But that is the wrong question. At least to start with.

The first question should always be ‘why.’

In managing poor performance, a one size fits all approach simply doesn’t work – you need to understand what is leading to underperformance so that you can adapt your performance management plan to the specific issue.

What does cause underperformance? Lack of motivation, poor leadership, absence of skills, little or no training, low engagement, company policies that limit people, poor self-awareness and simply not caring are all possible causes. Your challenge as a leader is to work out which of these are impacting a specific person’s performance in a specific situation - and then tailor your performance management plan appropriately.

This infographic shows our Gap Analysis Model (GAM) and will help you identify both the cause and the solution.

(Click here to download the high resolution PDF version)


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