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Everything a leader needs for Managing Poor Performance (Free eBook)

Posted by Simon Thiessen on 20-Nov-2018 14:36:24


What is underperformance costing you and your team? 

Having just one underperformer on your team can reduce the overall performance of the whole team by up to 40%.

That’s a lot of whatever it is your measuring: dollars, profits, widgets, quality, …

On its own, that’s a scary number – but it gets worse when we add management into the equation.

Let’s say it like it is: managing poor performance is one of the things most managers like least – and one of the things they do worst.

Over more than 20 years we have learnt a lot about dealing with employees who perform and behave poorly. In this eBook we have shared our most successful tips and strategies – and it’s completely free to download!

Ignoring underperformance is obviously not an option – it’s costing your organisation, your team and your career way too much.

Handling it poorly is not an option either – that can undermine your leadership and create further problems, ongoing conflict and resentment, and also trigger an escalation to senior management or Human Resources.

managing poor performance ebook download

In this guide you will learn:

  • How to identify underperformance
  • The difference between underperformance, poor performance and poor workplace behaviour
  • Exactly what these things are costing you
  • How to identify the cause of underperformance
  • Specific strategies to respond to underperformance
  • How you can adapt as a leader to prevent and deal with performance issues
  • How to have awkward discussions
  • The golden rule: never allowing people to be comfortable with underperformance
  • The three outcomes and the one you won’t accept
  • The rule of ‘two reasonables’

Having an underperformer on your team isn’t great news – but it doesn’t have to be a disaster if you learn the skills and follow the strategies in this guide.

Topics: Leadership, Team Development