10 essential elements for effective teamwork (infographic)

Simon Thiessen

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26-May-2016 09:00:00


How do you build a high performing team?

What is it with teams? Some teams seem to work really hard but still remain happy. They get consistent high level results and people love working in them.

Other teams wallow in never ending mediocrity. It’s like watching a car crash played out day after day after …

If you are responsible for leading teams, you obviously want one that gets results. But how does that happen? What is the difference between great teams and the rest?

Fortunately, effective teamwork isn’t a great and obscure mystery. It comes down to doing some specific things well. Consistently. Repetitively. Predictably.

If you are leading teams and would like to see more effective teamwork, improved collaboration and better results, rate your team against these 10 criteria. 


Download PDF infographic here 


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