Simon Thiessen

Simon Thiessen

Simon is CEO and a senior Learning Facilitator for The Real Learning Experience. He divides his time between working with a small group of clients, building our network of license partners, running the company and writing for our blogs. Outside work he is a father of 4, an enthusiastic triathlete, an aspiring author and a passionate advocate for children with dyslexia

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Everything a leader needs for Managing Poor Performance (Free eBook)

by Simon Thiessen on 20-Nov-2018 14:36:24


What is underperformance costing you and your team? 

Having just one underperformer on your team can reduce the overall performance of the whole...

10 essential elements for effective teamwork (infographic)

by Simon Thiessen on 26-May-2016 09:00:00

How do you build a high performing team?

What is it with teams? Some teams seem to work really hard but still remain happy. They get consistent...

your performance management plan can differentiate but not discriminate

by Simon Thiessen on 25-May-2016 11:32:53

The two uncomfortables and three outcomes of performance management

Employees may perform brilliantly – or diabolically. They may have a great...

The five-minute performance management summary (slideshare)

by Simon Thiessen on 14-Apr-2016 09:30:37

Managing poor performance on the run

At our seminars I like to ask managers to make a list of the 5 things they find most difficult about...

If you don’t know what is causing underperformance, you can’t fix it

by Simon Thiessen on 06-Apr-2016 10:00:00

4 ways Gap Analysis can accelerate your performance management

Many managers ask what they should do about their underperformance.

What do you deal with first: underperformance or poor performance?

by Simon Thiessen on 05-Apr-2016 09:00:00

Maximise the ROE on your performance management plans

Should your performance management efforts be exclusively focused on the obvious poor...

Who really starts the performance management game?

by Simon Thiessen on 31-Mar-2016 09:00:00

Do you totally love disciplining your people?

If you answered ‘Yes’, we have another problem to sort out! Let’s put that aside for another time.


The pooping horses that killed innovation in the workplace (video)

by Simon Thiessen on 09-Mar-2016 09:00:00

What are YOU still doing for no good reason?

I’m going to share with you one of my favorite stories about change and innovation in the workplace. ...

Ouch! Leading teams can really hurt (video)

by Simon Thiessen on 07-Mar-2016 09:00:00

If no-one is pissed off, you probably aren’t doing it right

“Ow! That really hurts!” That’s the message I’ve been hearing from a bunch of...

what can a blue dragon teach us about leading teams?

by Simon Thiessen on 01-Mar-2016 09:52:41

 Effective teamwork is barely possible while you are ‘just hanging in there’

Wow, you can learn some lessons the really hard way. I recently...