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Pete Jensen

Pete's vision is to help leaders and team members create workplaces that are great to work in, ensure legal Psychological Safety compliance and minimise risk and stress claims, and where employees feel psychologically safe and productive. 

- PETE JENSEN |  Art of Work

David has been a professional facilitator of learning since 2004, when he started a Registered Training Organisation, ran a corporate training consultancy, and managed education for an Australia-wide government change program.

David is located in Melbourne and is a TRLE Certified Facilitator in: 
  • The Leadership Academy
  • Facilitation of planning processes and workshops
  • Our three experiential learning programs
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Communicator
  • The Stylish Communicator


    - David Osman |  DO Train

Managing Matters will be a leader in assisting organisations optimise their performance and develop the potential of their people. 

We deliver value to organisation and businesses through the provision of premium organisational development services with consultancy, training and coaching services tailored to cater for the unique circumstances and needs of each client. 

Managing Matters CEO is Mark Hough, who is located in Darwin, NT and is a TRLE Certified Facilitator in: 

  • The Leadership Academy
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Communicator 
  • The Stylish Communicator 

To find our more about Managing Matters programs and their consulting and training visit their website 

- MARK HOUGH | Managing Matters
Marc McLaren linked in image

Art of Work is about enabling people and organisations for greater success and improved operational performance.

We work with organisations in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Europe to facilitate learning from the gap between 'work-as-intended' and 'work-as-done' and what goes right to increase an organisation's capacity to achieve their desired outcomes.

Integrating Art of Work's philosophies and programs with Activity Based Learning is a powerful catalyst for Enabling People and improving operational performance.

To find out more about Art of Work's programs and their consulting and training services please visit their website

- MARC McLAREN | Art of Work
Viv Website Headshot

Viv has been developing and facilitating experiential learning programs for executive and management groups for over 20 years with more than 35,000 participants in around 1,000 sessions.  Viv was the founder and CEO of Eagle’s Flight – Australia, which was a cutting-edge specialist experiential learning practice. Viv divested his interest in Eagle’s Flight in 2014 and has continued in private consultancy since, joining The Real Learning Experience in 2018.

Prior to developing his training practice in 1993, Viv had enjoyed a successful 20+ year career in financial services, culminating in Sales Management and National Executive roles.

Training clients include many Fortune 500 companies world-wide, BHP Billiton, Caterpillar, General Motors, Coca Cola, Kraft, all the major banks and many Government departments

He holds a Bachelor degree in Adult Learning and Development from Monash University, Clayton.