The Real Learning Experience Team

Simon Website Headshot
 - Simon Thiessen - CEO, Head Facilitator of Learning & Authenticator  
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Viv Pepper  - Partner Development & Facilitator of Learning
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Kirralea Walkerden  - Project Manager

Our Licensed Partner Team

Pete Jensen

Pete's vision is to help leaders and team members create workplaces that are great to work in, ensure legal Psychological Safety compliance and minimise risk and stress claims, and where employees feel psychologically safe and productive. 

- PETE JENSEN |  Larsen Jensen

David has been a professional facilitator of learning since 2004, when he started a Registered Training Organisation, ran a corporate training consultancy, and managed education for an Australia-wide government change program.

David is located in Melbourne and is a TRLE Certified Facilitator in: 
  • The Leadership Academy
  • Facilitation of planning processes and workshops
  • Lasseter's Reef, A Quest For Gold
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Communicator
  • The Stylish Communicator



Mark is located in Darwin, NT and is a TRLE Certified Facilitator in: 
  • The Leadership Academy
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Communicator 
  • The Stylish Communicator 
- MARK HOUGH | Managing Matters

"It's not about us building you a website. It's about us helping you to build your website. When we do, we focus on these things. Help the buyer. Make it easy. Make it simple. Make it clean."

- Joe Jerome, Founder Of Brand Builder Solutions