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  • Mediation

Unresolved issues in the workplace come at a significant cost - much of which occurs 'beneath the line'.
In addition to the obvious impact on the performance
and morale of the parties to the conflict or issue,
there are spill over costs and impacts. 

Other members of the team find it harder to produce their best and the workplace becomes less enjoyable. The manager's time is diverted from productive leadership tasks and absorbed by dealing with the problem. If the issue drags on, the highest performers look for other opportunities - and replacing them is harder because of the reputational damage to the team.

Often issues are allowed to drag on because the real cost isn't obvious

Don't die the death of a thousand cuts. Our advice is simple. Act early. Don't let it become entrenched.

Our Mediators specialise in resolving workplace issues, conflicts and disagreements

Whether you are dealing with a new issue or a conflict with a long history, we have established, research based processes and strategies that maximise the potential for positive outcomes.

Mediation can develop people whilst resolving issues

We take a coaching approach rather than a clinical process approach.

Our mediation team is NMAS accredited

Accreditation - Aust. Mediation Association

Our mediation team is a proud member of the Australian Mediation Association and takes pride in our ongoing commitment to professional development.