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Why choose The Lost Civilisation of the OLMEC?

The path to this learning takes participants back to the ancient time of the Olmec

a civilisation predating the Mayan and Aztecs, whose success was based on a rich culture with very clear values. 
Their quest is to undergo a critical selection process which could lead to a seat on the Emperor's own advisory council - The Quest of the Olmec. 
During this experience participants will face urgent deadlines, constantly changing circumstances and stiff competition - and will make constant decisions about the way values inform their behaviors and about the way they choose to interact with others. 
Your people will: 
  • Major new organisational directions
  • New initiatives at a departmental or team level
  • Personal individual change for people who are under-performing or are entrenched in outdated habits

As a leader, this will make the start of your journey in building a team that will be the envy of other managers - a team that regularly produces exceptional results and does so while being respected for adhering to the strongest of values. 

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