Why choose The Lost Civilisation of the OLMEC?

The path to this learning takes participants back to the ancient time of the Olmec, a civilisation predating the Mayan and Aztecs, whose success was based on a rich culture with very clear values. 

Their quest is to undergo a critical selection process which could lead to a seat on the Emperor's own advisory council - The Quest of the Olmec. 

During this experience participants will face urgent deadlines, constantly changing circumstances and stiff competition - and will make constant decisions about the way values inform their behaviors and about the way they choose to interact with others. 

Your people will: 


Learn to build lasting

productive relationships and still deliver the required results.  


Realise that long-term success

is driven by the organisation's culture and reputation


Understand that the 

organisation's culture is a result of every individual's choices and actions


Develop negotiation skills

that emphasise exceptional outcomes without damaging others


Discover that intentions 

can often be misunderstood by others - which, fairly or not, impacts the way they respond to you and how they choose to work with you in the future


Most critically, 

it will become apparent that results will be based on how others perceive your actions. 

As a leader, this will make the start of your journey in building a team that will be the envy of other managers - a team that regularly produces exceptional results and does so while being respected for adhering to the strongest of values.