9 people who make learning and development jobs challenging

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Jan 18, 2016 9:00:00 AM

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If you love facilitating learning – and you shouldn’t even consider a career in the field unless you do – you live for those days when you help people grow.

It is on these days that you get out of bed knowing you will make a difference; you eat breakfast thinking about the key points you want to focus on; and you drive to the venue mentally rehearsing a new activity or example that you plan to use. You know that this will be one of those fulfilling days when you will have the opportunity to really make a difference – and making a difference is what learning and development jobs and careers are really all about.

Look who snuck into the room

But then – your participants start arriving, the course starts and you discover Eddie Evader, Donna Debater, Hang-up Harry or one of their six mates have snuck into the room!

As a facilitator of learning, it is your responsibility to create a positive learning culture in the training room – and the 9 participant types in this infographic are going to make that job more difficult.

While having challenging participants (especially when that person is more senior) is not ideal, it does offer the facilitator a choice.

An ordinary trainer gives in and resigns themselves to just getting through the day. Those who are passionate and committed about their learning and development jobs and careers respond very differently. They step it up a gear – or two. They recognise that having these people in the training room is an opportunity to take the learning to the next level.

This infographic provides some tips and phrases that you can use with nine of the more challenging people you will encounter in your training room.

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9_people_challenge learning and development jobs

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We hope this infographic provided you with some useful tips to manage challenging people in any learning setting. Feel free to pin it and pass it on!

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photo credit: (frustrated lady): Neil Moralee via Flickr; Business vector designed by Freepik