Setting the Scene... 

Participants file into the conference or training room, select a seat where they can sneak out of the session if it is boring - or check their devices without being seen - and power back to 50% of capacity as they recover from the previous evening's excesses... 

WAIT - That's a nightmare! The 'how am I going to survive another talk-fest' nightmare?
Imagine instead that your team arrives, buzzing with anticipation over the promised 'adventure in the desert'.

And so it begins...

There is no here to hide as they join a team huddling in a flimsy canvas tent, hurriedly pitched on the threshold of the harsh Australian desert. They urgently discuss resources, storms and different routes. 

Outside the wind howls, camels roar and glory awaits! Decisions made in this high-pressure environment will have far reaching consequences for the success of the mission ahead. 

What is at Stake? 

Survival? No, far more than that! Every team knows there can only be one winner and they want to be the one. 

How will they win?

They must negotiate the perils of the desert. mine more gold than any other team and return to base camp. In their path lie storms, scorpions and helicopters - and fierce competition from other teams. 



What is Lasseters Reef?

Lasseter's Reef, A Quest for Gold™ is inspired by the legendary Australian story of Harold Lasseter, his passion for gold and a lifelong quest to relocate the treasure he stumbled upon in the early 1900's. 
The location of Lasseter's reef, once predicted to trigger Australia's next great gold rush, remains a mystery. 

From this legend, we have created a dynamic learning event, combining a highly engaging activity with a powerful debrief that ensures participants learn from their experience. 

As in real life, teams must do specific things to achieve exceptional results. The debrief helps participants translate 'lessons from the desert' into concrete understandings and actions to improve team performance. 

These include planning, managing limited resources, evaluating alternative strategies, working well as a team, setting clear objectives, dealing with pressure, Optimising available information and/or time, and actions to improve team performance. 


For You, The Manager

with the inspiration to change things up at a conference, you'll delight your own manager when they see a real return on their conference investment - and you'll have participants thank you for the opportunity rather than during you for the interruption. 


For Your Participants


Lasseter's means an experience they will never forget - and lessons they will apply in the workplace for ongoing performance improvements.