The Real Learning Experience

Is your team ready for the Australian desert?

Lasseters Reef is a dynamic learning event, inspired by the legendary story of Harold Lasseter and his lifelong quest to find gold in outback Australia.

Teams are challenged to achieve exceptional results while working under pressure. Their results are defined by their ability to plan, apply the available information, work as a team and maximise use of resources. 

Most importantly, Lasseter's challenges teams to move beyond mere survival. Teams with the courage to ask, 'What is Possible', quickly emerge from the pack. 

Lesson's from the desert: 11 gold nuggets

Without the pressures of everday work, it is easy for teams to think big, to set ambitious goals, to dare to dream of great results.

​But then reality hits

Deadlines, pressures, competing demands, scarce resources, limited time and unclear information. Some 

teams subside and 

focus on 'doing OK'

Lasseter's Reef provides 11 insights and strategies to aim high and stay on track - despite the inevitable pressure. Great teams don't succeed because there is no pressure. They succeed in spite of it

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