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Why choose Lasseters Reef for your team?

Is your team ready for the desert?

Lasseters Reef, A Quest for Gold TM is inspired by the legendary Australian story of Harold Lasseter, his passion for gold and a lifelong quest to relocate the treasure he stumbled upon in the early 1900s. The location of Lasseters Reef, once predicted to trigger Australia's next great gold rush, remains a mystery.
Lasseters Reef TM is a dynamic learning event, combining a highly engaging activity with a powerful debrief that ensures participants learn from their experience.
As in real life, teams must do specific things to achieve exceptional results. The debrief helps participants translate lessons from the desert into concrete understandings and actions to improve team performance.
Lasseters can be used as a stand-alone training or conference activity or as part of an ongoing leadership, team or sales development program. It is very versatile, can be run for almost any group and does not require any physical activity.

Decisions made in this high pressure environment will have far reaching consequences for the success of the mission ahead.
What is at stake? Survival? No, far more than that! Every team knows there can be only one winner and they each want to be the one.

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