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When Simon Thiessen works with your people, he combines a broad understanding of organisational culture and performance with the practical skills and strategies that allowed him to grow The Real Learning Experience from a start up into learning and development network of partners operating across Australia and internationally.

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inspire your people to strive for success

allow your leaders to lead with courage 

build better culture for your organisation

Popular Keynote Topics:

Authenticity: Values Driven 
​Culture - Real Results

The Power of the Leader

Managing Poor Performance &
​Inspiring High Performance

You're Going To Fall: 
​The Invisible Barrier of
High Performance

Kick Ass Culture:
Winning With Honour

What I learned by failing
as a Leader
(and why I am better for it)

Simon's ability to make learning relevant and engaging allows participants to apply what they learn to produce both immediate and sustained results. 
​Simon is a dynamic keynote speaker who inspires, entertains and provides an audience to take action.