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Simon Thiessen is the founder and CEO of The Real Learning Experience. ​
His keynote presentations are inspiring, entertaining and, most of all, relevant. 
Simon has spent three decades developing leaders, building teams and shaping high performance workplace cultures for his clients - while also being an executive leader himself.

 The critical learnings from that journey are packaged into keynote presentations filled with relatable messages that your people will use to create exceptional workplaces and outstanding results. 

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inspire your people to strive for success

allow your leaders to lead with courage 

build better culture for your organisation


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Popular Keynote Topics:

Authenticity: Values Driven Culture - Real Results

The Power of the 

Managing Poor Performance & Inspiring High Performance

You're Going To Fail: The Invisible Barrier of High Performance

Kick Ass Culture: 
Winning With Honour

What I learned by failing as a Leader (& why I am better for it)

Simon doesn't deliver 'off the shelf' presentations. 
By understanding the challenges your team faces, 
the goals you are striving to achieve, and the critical learnings you need right now, he delivers relevant, meaningful messages that allows your team to 
build and maintain momentum. , he delivers 
relevant, meaningful messages that allows your 
team to build and maintain momentum.