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  • Is your Organisation Authentic?

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The real test of Authenticity is 
whether you are genuinely 
working towards aligning the 
things you do, say, think and 
decide with the culture you 
want to have.

​ Authenticity is about ​aligning the things you ​DO, SAY, THINK and DECIDE
with your ideal workplace culture.
That doesn’t mean Authentic workplaces are perfect - but it does mean being REAL.

If the organisation keeps 
and DECIDING the same things, 
is that going to create the workplace culture you want - 
and that will deliver the
 results you need?
If not, you only have two choices - 
GIVE UP on the ideal culture 
or CHANGE what you do. 
At all levels. 

It doesn’t matter what you 
say you want to be. 
What really counts is what 
you do. THAT is what 
creates the culture you 
have now and that has 
the power to shape 
the culture you will have 
in the future. 


Do you have a culture of Authenticity?

Authenticity is the courage to be yourself, to be real.  Great organisations are fearlessly real, 

The question is - do you have a culture of Authenticity?

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