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Do you have a culture of Authenticity?

Authenticity is the courage to be yourself, to be real.  

Great organisations are fearlessly real, 
The question is - do you have a culture of Authenticity?

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10 Behaviours That Allow Teams To Thrive Under Pressure (infographic)

Teams that are exceptional under pressure are exceptional by choice, not chance. 
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Managing Poor Performance eBook 
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The ultimate goal for any organisation is Authenticity - a values based culture where motivated and engaged employees produce sustained and exceptional results. 
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10 Essential Elements of High Performance Teams (infographic)

Rate your team against these ten high performance criteria with this simple and concise downloadable infographic. 
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Peeing In The Pool 
​(Free A3 Download)

Peeing in the pool is a powerful analogy to help teams understand that everyone is responsible for the culture
they work in.
 Download and print this A3 PDF, discuss the cartoon
and the analogy, and then have a discussion about
your own ‘rules of the pool’.

What will the team commit to doing – and not doing – in the water they all swim in?
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