For learning to be real, it has to be tailored. Our delivery methods are suited to all learning styles.

Adult Learning

Our philosophy is simple. We believe learning starts well before your people enter the room, and continues long after they’ve left.

That means we have a higher investment than most trainers in making sure we get it right. It means we go well beyond one-size-fits-all lectures.

We use contemporary adult learning principles that ensure your people:

-  enter the room ready to learn engaging content

-  receive experiential learning that is relevant to their everyday lives

-  are supported in applying learning in the workplace.

  We also appreciate different learning styles, and their implications for training and workplace performance, better than other trainers.

Our approach is backed by proven psychological tools and techniques. We use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), one of the most popular personality profiles in the world, to build self awareness amongst team leaders and team members. We also use Leadership Effectiveness surveys to provide your people with an insight into their particular leadership styles.

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