Managing Poor Performance


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Does this sound like your workplace?

Poor performance and unacceptable workplace behavior are inevitable challenges for managers.

The problem? Most approaches taken by managers fail to deliver sustained performance improvement:

  • Many managers lack the confidence, experience or skills so avoid performance management altogether
  • Some managers have a go – and see short term improvements followed by a fallback to previous unacceptable levels
  • Others go in ‘boots and all’ and then spend weeks dealing with the fallout

What do we cover in the course?

You need to be able to address under-performance confidently, skillfully and appropriately. In Managing Poor Performance, you will learn:

  • How to identify and prevent under-performance
  • How your leadership style impacts performance
  • How to have uncomfortable discussions using the ‘rule of two reasonables’
  • Strategies for conversations with people you don’t like
  • How to avoid being held to ransom by your people
  • What to do when your manager undermines your performance management efforts
  • Three outcomes of performance management – and the one you won’t accept
  • The golden rule: never allow someone to comfortably under-perform
  • Why you are not ‘the baddy’


Keeping it real

You need a day of theory like you need, well, another under-performer! That’s why Managing Poor Performance is based on:

  • Real workplace scenarios
  • Practical application
  • Opportunities to discuss your specific issues
  • Action plans to improve the performance of every member of your team


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Who should attend

If you manage people and would like to improve workplace performance, book your seat today!

What our clients say

“I should have done this course 20 years ago as a new manager. It would definitely have helped me do a LOT of things differently.”

- Senior Manager in the Health Sector

“This is my first job as a manager and no-one warned me about all the people issues. The course gave me some new strategies that I desperately need.”

- Team Leader in a Community Sector Organisation

“I really want my people to like me. Sometimes that is good, but sometimes that means they take advantage of me. Managing Poor Performance taught me how to be tough when I needed to be.”

- Mid Level Manager in a Large Media Company

Facilitator: Simon Thiessen

Course Fee: $495

Group offer: Register 3 people - send a 4th person at no charge