The Real Learning Experience
  • Workshops to help you build a strong corporate culture

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Invest in workshops that are REAL LEARNING EXPERIENCES
that create real world results and drive organisational change.

In-House Workshops

Activity-Based Learning workshops that are customised to the participant's learning needs and the organisation's performance objectives.

The 2-day Authenticity Program covers: 

Talk to us about booking a private in-house workshop for your organisation.

In-House Workshops

Public Courses

Attend on your own, or bring your team. Get out of the office and create a space for learning without interruptions.

Benefits of attending one of our public workshops are:

  • Staff will focus more on what they are doing as they are away from their desks 
  • The change of scenery will have a positive effect because employee engagement will be at its peak
  • Employees will engage in the training session and process the information better, no distractions by everyday working tasks and emails. 
Public Courses

Keynote Speaking

If your people need practical strategies & usable tips delivered in an engaging, relatable & humorous presentation, Simon Thiessen is the perfect keynote speaker for your event. 

Popular keynotes include: 
  • The Power of a Leader
  • Authenticity. Values Driven Culture - Real Results
  • Kick-Ass Culture. Winning With Honour
  • You're going to fail: The invisible barrier to high performance
  • What I learned by failing as a leader - and why I'm a better leader for it
  • The organisation with no rules. From compliance to Inspiration.     
Keynote Speaking

What do our clients say about our workshops?

"I should have done this workshop 20 years ago, as a new manager it would have definitely helped me do A LOT of things differently". 
Senior Manager, Health Sector

"These workshops are a key part of our ongoing staff development plans and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to any business that is serious about staff training and development"
General Manager, National Battery Company