authentic teams

Authentic Teams


Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? 

  • You hired the best candidates, but they’re working in silos—and you’re not seeing bottom line results. 
  • Your people only come to work because they’re paid to be there. Enthusiasm, effort, commitment? Passion? They might as well be foreign words. 
  • You want to innovate, develop new product lines, or implement better ways of working, and all you get is pushback — “But we’ve always done it this way.” 
  • You don’t have workgroups, you have cliques. People don’t communicate openly or honestly. Gossip, backstabbing, and conflict are the norm. 
  • Or maybe conflict is avoided at all costs because people are too apathetic—or too scared—to speak out. 

For the leader, these dynamics can be overwhelming. All your time gets absorbed dealing with people problems. 

These are all realities in many workplaces, but they don't have to be. If your workplace is like this, perhaps you do really just have a bunch of poor performers. If you look deeper though, it’s more likely the team members haven’t been given the skills, values and frameworks they need to pull together as a high- performance teams, as Authentic Teams. 

With the right skills and strategies - communication, conflict resolution, assertiveness, working with different personalities, collaboration - your team can produce consistent outstanding results and be a place people want to come to work. 

For the Authentic Leader this means achieving the results your organisation demands of you without the headaches that come with managing people. 

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