authentic contributors

Authentic Contributors

Recruiting someone to fill a seat is not difficult.  

Recruiting the right person to fill the seat is more challenging.  

But the real challenge …finding someone that you’re delighted to have join your team and still being as delighted with them a year later.  

The reality is that every team has a range of performers. Think about your own immediate team and odds are you have most of the following: 

  • Outstanding contributors who demonstrate exceptional technical skills and promote the values and team culture you want
  • Strong technical performers (they do the task well) who have a negative impact on the people around them – and who are often unaware of that impact
  • Loyal, salt of the earth types whose actual task performance is average
  • Unpredictable types who fluctuate being tantalising brilliance and frustrating mediocrity
  • Out and out poor (or even terrible) performers

 (insert 9 grid?) 

For a manager, this range of performance brings many challenges – and soaks up a disproportionate amount of time and energy. Time and energy that could be better used to meet the demands and expectations of their own manager. 

Unfortunately, this range of performance, brings the results – and the morale – of the whole team down. But, dealing with performance and behavioural issues are some of the most intimidating situations for most managers – so things are left unaddressed.  

This is a multi-dimensional problem that needs to be solved at two levels 

  • The Authentic Leader  develops the skills and strategies to have genuine work-based conversations about expectations, performance and behaviour
  • Individual Contributors need to develop their own skills in emotional self-management, communication, resilience, assertiveness (but not aggression), understanding and working with a range of personalities and collaboration.

When this happens, the Authentic Leader gets high quality, sustainable and stress-free results from their people.