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For the leader, the above dynamics can be overwhelming.
All your time gets absorbed dealing with people problems. 

These are all realities in many workplaces, but they don't have to be. 
If your workplace is like this, perhaps you really do have a bunch of poor performers.

 if you look deeper though, it's more likely
the team members have not been given
the skills, values and frameworks they
need to pull together as a high-performance teams, as Authentic Teams.

"Authentic Teams don’t
allocate blame or
compete for success...

They meet challenges and triumphs as one and make sure no-one is thrown under the bus or cast into the shadows."
- Simon Thiessen 

With the right skills and strategies  in communication, conflict resolution, assertiveness, working with different personalities and collaboration

your team can produce consistent outstanding results - and be a place people want to come to work. 

​Do you want  to achieve a culture of  
Authentic Teams in your workplace?