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For a manager, the above range of performance brings many challenges - and soaks up a disproportionate amount of time and energy.

Time and energy that could be better used to meet the demands and expectations of their own manager. 
Unfortunately , this range of performance, brings the results - and the morale of the whole team down. 
But dealing with performance and behavioural issues are some of the most intimidating situations for most managers - so things are left unaddressed. 

Authentic Contributors are highly in tune
with the connection between their actions & choices and the outcomes they lead to.

They are quick to adjust their input to improve their output.

So how do we create a culture of Authentic Contributors?

this is a multi dimensional problem that needs to be solved at two levels: 

  • The Authentic Leader develops skills and strategies to have genuine work-based conversations about expectations, performance and behaviour. 
  • Individual Contributors need to develop their own skills in emotional self-management, communication, resilience, assertiveness (but not aggression), understanding and working with a range of personalities, and collaboration. 

When this happens, the Authentic Leader gets 
​high quality, sustainable and stress-free results from their people.

​Do you want to achieve a culture of 
Authentic Contributors in your workplace?