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So what is
Archipelago - All
All At Sea?

Change used to be something that happened occasionally (and traumatically) - something we 'got through' then settled in for a long period of stability. 
Now, change is constant - and if it isn't in your organisation it should be. When the external environment shifts but the internal organisation (or team) doesn't, disaster is just around the corner. 
Unfortunately, while change is no longer occasional - it is still very much traumatic.
Which creates a problem for managers. 
So much of a manager's ability to deliver results that are demanded, rests on their ability to drive change:
  • Major new organisational directions
  • New initiatives at a departmental or team level
  • Personal individual change for people who are under-performing or are entrenched in outdated habits

Overcoming entrenched resistance requires powerful tools and that's where Archipelago - All At Sea comes in. 

When your people participate in Archipelago, you give them the tools and strategies they need to respond to the inevitably changing workplace. In turn they can help you drive the change and delivery the results your own manager expects. 

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