Ever sat in a training room struggling to stay awake and scrolling through the apps on your phone looking for something to do?

Worse still, ever invested your limited training budget in a course that promised the outcomes you need to achieve your objectives - but then had a steady stream of people coming by just to tell you the course was pointless?

The most frustrating part of this whole episode?
It's completely avoidable if the training is relevant, if it's relatable and if it's engaging.

Every course we provide is based on research founded activity-based learning principles. 
From our stand-alone activities such as Lasseter's Reef, The Lost Civilisation of Olmec and Archipelago to our one and two-day workshops. 

Everything we deliver has five specific opportunities:


A chance to understand

existing behaviours through active experience



Time to reflect

on those behaviours and the outcomes they led to
(What happened?)


Strategies to understand

the connection between those behaviours and the outcomes 
(So What?) 


Decisions about what changes

are necessary to achieve the desired outcomes when they return to the workplace 
(What next?) 



A final chance

to explore how those new approaches translate to improved outcomes




For the manager trying to juggle the expectations of their own boss,
the resistance of team members to more of the 'same old' training,
and their own desire to deliver outstanding results - this is a game changer. 


Contact us, we would love to chat to you about 
how Activity Based Learning can be a game changer in your workplace

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