Welcome to The Real Learning Experience
You're here because you're a decision maker who knows that your competitive advantage begins and ends with your people. 

You've come to the right place - we share your belief. Our CEO, Simon Thiessen, founded The Real Learning Experience 20 years ago out of his passion for helping organisations, teams and people grow to their full potential. 

Our network of facilitators and partners support organisations to shape cultures that deliver sustained high performance and exceptional employee satisfaction. 

What’s with the name? It’s not wordplay—it’s what people are looking for when they work with us. Training that sticks. Real outcomes. A real learning experience.

We are specialists in the art and science of participative learning, which means you can trust us not to simply inflict training on unwilling participants. 

In this process we guide leaders on a journey from Accidental Managers floundering with the complexities of a first-time supervisory role to Authentic Leaders calmly and consistently producing outstanding results. 

We help organisations leave behind cultures that are toxic and under performing and develop climates of high satisfaction and remarkable results. 


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